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Name:Tokusatsu Picture Spaming
Website:Tokusatsu Picture Spaming at LiveJournal
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Tokusatsu actors; there blogs, behind the scenes, other shows, articles, etc.
What to have in Toku Pic Spam?
• Fanart
• Sceencaps
• Edited Sceencaps
• Twitter/Blog Pics
• News and Magizine Articles and Pictures
• Pictures from other shows and movies that Toku actors do/done/will do.
• New Toku Actors
• Behind the scenes videos or pictures of Tokusetsu Shows/Movies
• Links to blogs/Twitter/or other social media sites. (Official ones only)
• Icons
• Wallpaper

What to NOT have in Toku Pic Spam?
• Fanfics (You can post links to fics, but you must have them open to everyone.)
• Anything that ISN’T related to Toku actors.
• This is subjected to change. Please check often.

• Don’t stretch the page. Have all previews be small.
• Don’t have more than one or two pictures for previews.
• Use LJ cut.
• If you link something back to your journal, please have it opened for everyone.
• If something isn’t “work friendly” please put it under a cut, and use the correct tags to mark it.
• Be kind to others in your comments.
• Take all conversions outside of the community.
• Credit the fanart. (Even if it is yours)
• If possible, site the source to where you got your pictures, and include a link.

What you need to know before posting
Read the profile, rules and all mod post. (They are public.)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, PM a mod. Thank you.

Your Mods



Assistant/Superwoman/The most super cool, awesome, person and bestest best friend ever:


(No, seriouly, she is awesome.)

We are also at:

We are comming here too due to the issues that LiveJournal is/has have(ing) in hopes that the crossposting opiton will work and we can still be able postin both places.

In assocation with:

tokusmut @ Live Joutnal
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